8 July, 2020 News

New product: Alde Speedfit Mixing Valve

We upgrade our assortment with a new improved and lighter Mixing valve. The mixing valve has integrated JG fittings and is suitable for water heating and heating systems.

The Alde Speedfit Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) blends hot and cold water to ensure safe and comfortable water temperature, reducing the risk of accidental injuries and burns.

Utilising the Alde Speedfit connections makes the valve fast and easy to install and gives the option of quick demounting for service or replacement. Ultra-compact and lightweight, it is ideal for use in tight spaces. The valve complies with all applicable UK and European performance standards. The product is WRAS approved and holds TMV2 and TMV3 certificate.

The TMV can function at flow rates as low as 1 lpm, and is also resistant to the adherence of scale and other system contaminants to provide increased valve longevity.

Speedfit mixing valve

 Body & fittings  Lead  free DZR brass
 Spring  Stainless steel
 Strainers  Stainless steel
 Handles  ABS plastic
 Body O-Ring  Viton
 Piston  High Performance Polymer
 Cover Cap  ABS plastic


Features and Benefits

  • The mixing valve has a thermostatic element that regulates the supply of cold as well as hot water. in order to achieve the desired temperature.
  • Anti-scald function. The valve has an anti-scald function that shuts off the incoming hot water flow in case of failure of cold water supply.
  • 12 mm Speedfit connections mean fast and easy installation and easy demountability.
  • The 15mm valves work with flows as low as 1 l/ min making it ideal for water saving taps.
  • Compact design makes it easy to install on pedestal or wall hung basins. Installation clip included.
  • 2-in-1 options include check valves as well as strainers that protect both the check valves and the main valve.
  • WRAS approved Protective cap – prevents unintentional changes of the temperature setting
  • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved
  • NSF61 Compliant
  • Compliant with BSEN1111, ASSE 1070, TMV2, TMV3
 Factory temperature setting  41°C
 Working temperature range  38°C-46°C
 Maximum adjustable temperature range  30°C-48°C
 Temperature hot supply  55°C-65°C (max 85°C)
 Temperature cold supply  5°C-25°C
 Minimum hot to mix differential temperature  10°C
 Temperature stability  +/- 2°C
 Maximum static pressure  10.0 bar
 Maximum working pressure  5.0 bar
 Minimum working pressure  0,2 bar
 Maximum pressure inlet differential  10:01
 Minimum flow rate 15 mm  1 L/min

Article No. 3102-006

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