About Alde

World-class heating

Our goal at Alde is to deliver world-class products. We do this not only through the right technology and components, but mainly thanks to the passion and precision of the people who work here. Just as we have done in the same place since the start in 1949.

Our products are the result of many hours of careful work and decisions at our head office in Färlöv, Skåne. All expertise is gathered under one roof, from product development to production. Product development for us is about having 75 years of experience in improving and exceeding our own standards, with our customers’ needs and wishes as our main priority.

Every single heater undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves our factory. We create and quality-assure every component in our own factory, and every stage of production is characterised by thoroughness and control.

At Alde, we pride ourselves on having everything under one roof. This gives us the advantage of close co-operation between all departments, from design and purchasing to production, quality, sustainability, marketing and service. We consider every detail and needs to create heating systems that do so much more than heat your recreational vehicle.

We believe in testing our products in real-world environments, and our own cold chamber is used for extensive testing. Our product development is ongoing, always focused on offering the best in recreational vehicle heating systems. Choose Alde and discover world-class heating!

Watch the film about our founder Alde Rask and our successful history

The story of how it all started in the 1940s to today, a world leader in the leisure industry.

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Follow the production of our heating system, from rolling and welding to testing and delivery of the finished system.