Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Alde International Systems AB develops, manufactures and markets products, services and training for hydronic heating for mobile living. Our products are sold globally, with most going to OEM customers.

We endeavour to develop and strengthen our position as the world’s leading player in hydronic heating for mobile living through close collaboration with our customers, with innovations that embody great efficiency and precision in a stable organisation with skilled, highly motivated employees.

To succeed, we work toward three main objectives

In our quest for success, we have identified three key objectives that are at the heart of our business. By constantly working on these, we build long-term relationships based on trust and respect.

customer focus

We stay focused on the customer

Quality is a measure of how our customers perceive our performance. Our success in the marketplace is determined by how well we provide our customers with products, services and support that meet or exceed their expectations and applicable standards. To be successful, we have to perform better than our competitors. This requires us to pay constant attention to our customers’ wishes in order to understand and quickly implement sustainable improvements in our business.


We’re motivated by constant improvement

Challenging the status quo spurs us on every day. We continuously develop and improve our products, services and working methods to meet the customer’s needs today and tomorrow. Because our ambition is to exceed our customers’ expectations, we always aim to go the extra mile.


We keep our promises

At Alde, we seek to provide the best experience for our customers. No hassle, and without compromise. Our products are safe, reliable and we guarantee excellent Swedish quality based on our very high standards. Our employees are committed and involved. We’re committed to giving our customers peace of mind and we’re always ready to go the extra mile for them.

Continuous development

Our products, services and working methods are constantly developed and reviewed to identify risks and opportunities to improve the customer’s experience. Our employees constantly develop their skills and expertise to meet the high standards we apply to our products and services.


Färlöv 2023-10-09

Stefan Lindström, Managing Director

51 advantages of Alde Heating System

Advantage no 1

Natural heat circulation

Self convection technology. The hydronic heating has long-lasting heat and the system with convectors creates self-convection in the vehicle. The warm air circulates and spreads in every cubic centimetre of the vehicle.

Gentle heat. Heat circulation in the whole vehicle = no cold spots.
Advantage no 5

Made in Sweden

Alde launched its first heating system in 1966 and ever since then we have continuously developed and improve every single part of the system. The Alde system is reliable, efficient and provides a premium heating solution.

Advantage no 16

Small but powerful

The Alde heater is 2 in 1 heater in a compact format. Even though it has 8,5 kW heating power and a hot water tank of 10 liter it has a form that is neat and tight. The small footprint of an Alde heating system makes it perfect and easy to fit in an underfloor, under the bed or in wardrobe.