Alde Service Center

Welcome to the Alde Service Centre

At the Alde Service Centre in Färlöv outside Kristianstad, you can get expert help with service, installation and repair of Alde and Truma products and accessories for your motorhome and caravan.

The Swedish Alde Service Centre is located directly adjacent to Alde’s head office and production facility in Sweden, where we develop and produce all Alde products that are distributed worldwide. Truma’s Swedish head office and warehouse are also located here. The proximity to production and warehousing means that we can provide you with the best and fastest service.

We also have our own Alde Service Centers at Alde UK and Alde Deutschland, visit the respective webistes to learn more about these.

Alde Service Center

Wrangels Allé 90
291 75 Färlöv

Opening times: Weekdays 7:30 – 16:00
Appointment booking: Tel. +46 44 712 70

Please note that Alde Service Centre is a cashless business.

Things to consider before booking with Alde Service Centre

When booking an appointment, please keep in mind that we only book time for the current case. Should you wish to install additional products or add work/service, please do so in advance, as we are often fully booked.

For your convenience, we have a large customer reception with free WiFi, TV, sofa and good coffee.

When you leave your vehicle with us

When you bring your caravan or motorhome to us at Alde Service Centre, we want you to feel confident that we will take good care of your vehicle, which is why we start every customer visit with an inspection of the vehicle. So that you can feel confident that you hand in and get back your vehicle in the same condition.

  • Make sure that the vehicle is registered and that it has valid insurance.
  • Please empty the fresh water system and remove bulky luggage.
  • Please respect that vehicle drop off and retreival takes place during our opening hours.

Heating system

Servicing and maintaining your vehicle’s heating system is important to ensure that it always works properly all year round, in all weather conditions. A couple of examples are changing the glycol and checking the LPG burners.

Accessory products

With our range of original accessories, you can get even more out of your heating system, such as upgrading the control panel or installing an additional hot water tank.

Air conditioning systems

With the air conditioning in your vehicle, you get a comfortable temperature on a hot summer day. We install, service and repair Truma’s various air conditioning systems. If you have an Alde heating system with Compact 3020 HE/3030, we can connect it to Truma’s air conditioning system and thus get full climate control.


With Truma’s tried-and-tested manoeuvring aid, you can get your caravan in place in minutes without any hassle. We install, service and repair if necessary.

LPG equipment

A well-functioning LPG system for your heating system is essential for comfort and safety. With the right accessories, you can also feel extra safe when travelling.

Service package

It’s a good idea to book our service package for the winter and summer seasons, so that you have a heating and air conditioning system in top condition for long-awaited holidays and weekend trips.