Alde AquaClear Universal

Article number: 3030034

Help yourself to clean water

Alde AquaClear is a robust, efficient 12 V water disinfection product for greater water quality security in low pressure systems where the water is filled externally and stored in a tank, with a consequent higher risk of microbiological growth.

This model can be retrofitted to all Alde boilers (we recommend 3030033 for Alde Compact 3030/3030 Plus). Also suitable for other water systems where a 12 V fresh water pump is installed.

Disinfection is based on UV-C light through the latest UV-C LED technology and the Alde Water Carbon Filter. The product neutralizes around 99% of the micro-organisms during water flow (up to 4 litres per minute).

Alde AquaClear is connected to the control panel supplied. When the control panel is lit, the filter is active.

Alde AquaClear has a service life of around 70 cubic metres of water, or approx 300 hours of active operation. (With an approximate usage of 20 minutes per day, product lifetime is around 900 days.)

Because the pressure drop across Alde AquaClear is up to 0.9 bar, we recommend a freshwater pump with a pressure of at least 2 bar.

Contains: Water purification unit, clamps, control panel 3 m cable, adapters for 12 mm hose and charcoal filter.

Advantages with Alde AquaClear

  • Eliminates contaminants such as legionella and e- coli bacteria via UVC light.
  • Treatment free of chemicals and mercury.
  • Carbon filters maximize chlorine reduction, bad taste and bad odour.
  • Low energy consumption – active only when water pump is active.
  • Compact solution and simple installation.

Disinfection function

Eliminates: E-coli bacteria*, Legionella bacteria*, Chlorine and Smell.
Reduces: Pesticides and Heavy metals.
Improves: Taste.

* 99.9% at a water flow <4.0 liters per minute.
Bioanalysis validated by accredited 3rd party laboratory. 

How it works (picture 5)

  1. Cold water is pumped from the fresh water tank using the fresh water pump.
  2. The water is purified in the first stage of the Alde AquaClear UV-C unit.
  3. The water is purified in second stage via the Alde Water Carbon filter.
  4. Then the water goes on to a T-connection and from there as cold water to the kitchen and shower and to Alde Boiler.
  5. Cold water is heated in Alde Boiler and goes from there as hot water to kitchen and shower.