Hydronic Heating System

Nice, quiet warmth all year round in all weathers

No other heating option can match the comfort of hydronic heating. The heat circulates silently, enveloping you in a pleasant climate with natural humidity. If you want to fully enjoy your trip and vacation, Alde’s hydronic heating system is your best choice. The hot water is included in the price.

Why you should choose hydronic heating

Did you know that water retains heat 20 times longer than air? Hydronic heating is quiet and enveloping, providing even heat from floor to ceiling. It’s just there without being noticed – real quality heat. A hydronic heating system is built to circulate heat to all parts of the vehicle. Nothing can compete with hydronic heating and the comfort it provides in your RV.

How hydronic heating works

Self-convection technology is at the heart of the hydronic heating system, based on the simple principle that hot air moves upwards. When the air reaches the ceiling and cools down, it circulates back down to the floor and heats up again. In this way, the heat circulates around the entire vehicle. The natural heat flow from Alde’s central heating system, wrapping the entire living space in a comfortable environment, eliminates draughts, eliminates cold areas and heats both bed boxes and cabinets.

Warm glycol liquid retains heat for a long time and self-convection circulates the heat using natural laws. This provides total comfort in all areas of the vehicle, and allows the heat to spread throughout every cubic centimeter of the vehicle.

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Why you should choose an Alde heating system – more than just heating

The Alde heating system is a hydronic system, with the same heating principle that has long been appreciated in many of our Scandinavian homes. It is obvious to us that you should be as comfortable on vacation as at home. The boiler not only provides comfortable and silent heat. It also produces continuous hot water for showers and kitchenettes.

Our heating accessories allow you to customize your heating system to maximize heating and hot water comfort according to your unique needs. Choose underfloor heating to further increase the comfort level – or why not add different accessories such as a towel dryer, heating mat or heat exchanger to the Alde hydronic heating system?

Alde is a strong brand, known for its superior heating system. Having an Alde system in your vehicle also helps to maintain its value in the aftermarket. So when thinking about heating systems for your recreational vehicle, choosing an Alde hydronic heating system is an obvious choice.

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Choose products for your needs

Alde is so much more than a boiler – it is an entire heating system. By adding any of our products, you can further increase the level of comfort in your RV.

Aquaclear uv-c

Cleaner and safer water with Alde's water treatment system

Clean water should be as natural in your RV’s fresh water tank as it is at home. Using ultraviolet light and a carbon filter, our AquaClear water purifier gives you safe water. Choose Aquaclear when you want clean and safe water that tastes like water should!

Alde AquaClear

Alde compact 3030 plus

Take long and frequent showers

We want you to feel as comfortable in your motorhome or caravan as you do at home. With our new Alde Compact 3030 Plus, you get continuous hot water by the minute, so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water while showering.

Alde Compact 3030 Plus

Alde compact 3030

Heating and hot water in one

An Alde hydronic heating system is invisible and barely audible. However, we dare to promise that it is noticeable. Experience the high comfort and warm feeling of being at home.

Alde Compact 3030

Underfloor heating

Nothing warms as nicely as Alde underfloor heating

Underfloor heating provides that extra feeling of comfort. Once you have experienced a warm floor, you will never want to be without it again. In addition, hydronic underfloor heating helps you reduce your energy consumption.

Alde underfloor heating

heat exchanger

Smart heat exchange with the motorhome engine - only at Alde

Enjoy a warm feeling in your motorhome before, during and after your journey! With a heat exchanger in combination with Alde’s hydronic central heating, you can utilise the engine cooling system for heating both the living area and the driver’s compartment, but also for the production of hot water. You also save energy and benefit the environment.

Alde heat exchanger

Alde flow

Hot water for the whole family with Alde Flow

The dream of every marathon showerer! Alde Flow is a separate hot water tank that is added to your Alde heating system, and allows you to enjoy continuous hot water. The tank preheats the water before it enters the heater, where it is finally heated to the right temperature. An Alde heating system with an Alde Flow can produce up to 3.5 litres of continuous hot water per minute (40°C).

Alde Flow

heating mat

Cosy warmth in the driver's compartment

Enjoy warm floors and high comfort even in the driver’s cab – all year round. The Alde heating mat emits heat that envelops you and your passenger in cosy, silent warmth. Thanks to the self-convection technology, you will not experience fans or other disturbing noises. In addition, the mat has a soundproofing ability, which further enhances comfort.

Alde heating mats

load monitor

No more tripped fuses

An electric fuse always trips at the wrong time, and there are better things to do while camping than to be forced out in bad weather to reset the fuse in the electricity pole. That’s where a load monitor is a smart accessory, ensuring that your heater doesn’t use more power than the main fuse can handle. So you can use your coffee machine, kettle, hairdryer or microwave without having to worry about whether the electrical load is too high or not.

Alde Load Monitor

Are you ready for the Alde Heating System?

The heating system is an important part of any choice you make when buying a new recreational vehicle. We help you find manufacturers who choose to work with Alde heating systems in their vehicles.

Manufacturers whom have chosen Alde