Engine heat exchanger


Article number: 2968901

The waste heat in an engine’s cooling system can be used for heating the living space via Alde’s engine heat exchanger and central heating system. Then all that’s required is to set the desired room temperature on the control panel as normal and the central heating circulates automatically when called for. 

The system can be reversed if a circulation pump (2755) is installed in the engine cooling system, allowing the engine to be pre-heated, saving the extra fuel used in cold starting. 

When installing the engine heat exchanger, the vendor or vehicle manufacturer should be consulted to avoid technical mishap.

Technical data:
Dimensions: L 190 × W 72 × H 65 mm (excl. connections) 
Weight: 1.3 kg 
Connection to the heating system: Ø 22 mm 
Connection to the engine system: Ø 16 mm 


Alde engine heat exchanger


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