Once you get used to warm floors, you'll never want to be without

Alde underfloor heating

Do you also like to have warm and cosy feet? Then underfloor heating is for you. This is one of the reasons why many motorhome and caravan owners today choose underfloor heating. But it’s not just because it feels good on your feet that it has become so popular. It’s also because supplementary underfloor heating helps with heating throughout the vehicle and helps you save the environment and energy.

how does it work?

What can I expect from hydronic underfloor heating?

Hydronic underfloor heating works like a large radiator, spreading and distributing heat throughout the vehicle. With warm and cosy feet, the temperature in the vehicle can often be lowered by one or two degrees without compromising thermal comfort, thus saving energy. Warm feet – warm body!

The principle of Alde underfloor heating

Alde Underfloor Heating runs in special PE-X/aluminium pipes, which in turn are laid in specially adapted heating plates that enhance heat distribution and give you a pleasant and comfortable heating experience over the entire floor surface. Alde underfloor heating is connected to the regular heating system’s circulation of glycol fluid.

How it works

  1. The heater warms the glycol fluid in the heating system.
  2. The warm glycol fluid circulates in the pipes in the floor and emits heat.
  3. The slightly cooled glycol liquid circulates back
    to the heater where it is re-heated.

Advantages of Alde underfloor heating

  • Connects to the Alde heating system
  • Cosy, warm floors that increase the feeling of comfort
  • Effectively spreads the heat over a large surface

  • Hydronic
  • Hidden installation, takes up little space

comfort - environment

Do yourself and the environment a favour!

Choose Alde Underfloor Heating next time you order a new caravan or motorhome!