25 March, 2023 News, Press Release

More hot water with the new Alde Compact 3030 Plus

Alde Compact 3030 was launched in 2021 and now the range is being expanded with Alde Compact 3030 Plus. With the Plus version, you get the option of continuous hot water, which means you can shower as long as you want without worrying abut running out of hot water.

Interest in camping has increased dramatically in recent years. More and more people are choosing to spend time in their leisure vehicle but as a result of Covid-19, more people have also become restrictive in using the campsites’ service houses for showers and dish washing. Instead, people choose to do these chores in their vehicle, and as a consequence the need for larger hot water resources has increased.

If the household also consists of several people, you can run out of hot water when someone wants to take a longer shower or several people want to shower right after each other.

To meet the increased need for more hot water in the vehicle, we have increased the size of the water heater in the Alde Compact 3030 from today’s 8.5 liters to 10 liters. With the new Alde Compact 3030 Plus, we also add an extra function that provides the option of continuous hot water. This means that when the hot water normally runs out, you no longer have to wait for the boiler to produce new hot water. Instead, you can continue to shower or wash dishes as the boiler continuously produces hot water, efficiently and quickly as long as you have access to water in the fresh water tank or via city water.


Features and benefits

  • Built-in continuous hot water – 4 litres/min.
  • 10 liter hot water tank
  • Compact format (lower weight / less space compared to alternative solution: Alde Compact 3030 + Alde Flow)


Start of Sales

Start of sales for Alde Compact 3030 Plus will be 2023.

Alde manufactures heating systems for motorhomes and caravans. Behind today’s Alde, is the ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Alde Rask. Alde already in the 1950´s lacked Alde’s comfort in the caravan he had built for his family. In the 60’s, Alde launched the first boiler for recreational Vehicles, which quickly became famous for its effectiveness.

Even today, the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Färlöv, in the south of Sweden. Alde is a world leader in its field, with representation in several markets.

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Stefan Lindström

Marketing Manager/Acting MD Alde Sweden