22 September, 2020 Press Release

Individualise the room temperature with Alde 3020 PS

Users of Caravan´s and Motorhomes have individual temperature preferences, with some family members preferring it 20 degrees and others favouring a balmier 23 degrees. Whereas a one-zone heating and cooling unit strives for a universal temperature setting, multi-zone temperature control accommodates the temperature preferences for each zone.

A multi-zone system can also help you save fuel/electricity usage. Whereas a one zone system emits energy to set the entire RV to a set temperature, a multi-zone temperature system only uses energy in the rooms you specify. You can set more frequently used zones to a higher temperature that is ideal for living, while you can set areas like the bedroom to a lower temperature.

This is why Alde has developed a new multi-zone system. The name of the new heater is Alde Compact 3020 PS, an update to the much-appreciated Alde Compact series. The system has separate convector loops for each zone where temperatures can be set individually.

The Alde system is controlled through the Alde Control panel. The panel has a new interface where you can easily navigate between the different zones and of course control all other function of the Alde heating system.


In Alde Compact 3020PS we have also included Alde ICT®-System. ICT® stands for Intelligent Climate Technology and includes.

  • Automatically soft and effective temperature transitions through advanced system logic
  • Energy optimization (prioritization of source and usage reduction)
  • Smart system like functions Night Mode and Day Mode
  • Automatic Climate control[1]

The new system is developed in collaboration with The Swedish RV manufacturer Kabe, who will start to implement the new system in limited scale from MY2021. The system will be available for all manufactures from MY2022.

Alde manufactures heating systems for motorhomes and caravans. Behind today’s Alde, is the ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Alde Rask. Alde already in the 1950´s lacked Alde’s comfort in the caravan he had built for his family. In the 60’s, Alde launched the first boiler for Recreational Vehicles, which quickly became famous for its effectiveness.

Even today, the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Färlöv, in the south of Sweden. Alde is a world leader in its field, with representation in several markets.


[1] Only compatible with Truma Air Conditioning

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Stefan Lindström

Marketing Manager/Acting MD Alde Sweden

Håkan Streimer

Sales manager