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Panel radiator

Model variants

Art. no: 1900686

Designed panel radiator in aluminium. Suitable for confined spaces such as toilets, wardrobes, in which it is difficult to install an ordinary convector. 
Includes bleeder screw on top. 
For Ø 22 mm heating system. 

Technical data: 
Power: 110 / 150 W at ∆T= 50 °C
Height: 500 / 700 mm
Breadth: 220 mm
Weight: 1.7 / 2.4 kg
Connection: Ø 22 mm


Spare parts 
Part no. 1900 691 Mounting kit White. 
Part no. 1900 692 Mounting kit Silver. 
Part no. 1900 594 Rubber bridge connector with bleed screw. 

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