29 March, 2022 News, Press Release

New Alde Compact 3030 with even more heating comfort

Alde Compact 3020 was launched in 2013. It quickly became a success and is Alde's best-selling boiler of all time. But nothing is so good that it can't get any better. By launching the Alde Compact 3030 we raise the level of heating comfort even further.

 The Alde Compact 3030 has four new main features;

  • Integrated 2-zone system
  • 20% larger hot water capacity (10 Litres)
  • New user interface in control panel
  • Expanded capability of Alde Intelligent Climate Technology (ICT)


Multi-zone system

Users of caravan´s and motorhomes have distinct temperature preferences, with some family members preferring it 20 degrees while others prefer a slightly lower or higher temperature. With Alde new multi-zone technology, you can set the temperature in two zones and thus improve comfort for the whole vehicle.

A multi-zone system can also help you save energy usage. Whereas a single zone system emits heat to bring the entire vehicle to a one desired temperature, multi-zone system only emits heat in the zone you specify. You can set seating area zone to a higher temperature, ideal for watching TV and socializing, whilst keeping your bedroom zone at a cooler, lower temperature, ready for sleeping.

This is why Alde has developed a completely new system with the possibility of two heating zones. The system is installed with separate heating circuits for each zone, giving you control like two rooms in a house.


20% larger hot water capacity

Interest in caravanning and motorcamping has increased significantly in recent years, putting demand on campsite places and facilities. And as a result of Covid-19, more people are using their on-board showers and dinettes. Hot water performance has never been more important to our end users.

To meet this demand, we have increased the capacity of the hot water cylinder from today’s 8.5 liters to approximately 10 litres, around +20%. This makes navy showers easier and hair washing less hurried.


New control panel User Interface

Alde heating system is controlled via our classic touchscreen control panel. Coinciding with the launch of the Compact 3030, we are upgrading the control panel with new, more intuitive user interface. In addition to controlling the two optional heating zones, we have designed a label-driven interface to make functions more self-explanatory.

Alde Intelligent Climate Technology (ICT) Enhancements

At Alde we are constantly developing and refining the computation that works in the background of our heating system. We aim to perfect the end customers’ indoor climate comfort through the use of intelligent driver software. In the Alde Compact 3030 we have further improved this Alde Intelligent Climate Technology, including smart functions like:

  • More use of telemetry from discrete room and outdoor temperature sensors.
  • Rebalanced energy optimisation based on power source priority.
  • Smoother heating curve based on latest insulation and LAV design trends.
  • Automatic climate control compatible with widest range of Truma A/C systems[1]


Start of sales

Start of sales for Alde Compact 3030 will be Q3, 2021, in limited roll-out, with full global release in time for 2023 model year.


For questions and more information, please contact:

Håkan Streimer, Sales manager Alde, +46 73 83 662 45, hakan.streimer@alde.se
Stefan Lindström, Marketing manager Alde, +46 70 83 555 04, stefan.lindstrom@alde.se


[1] Only compatible with Truma Air Conditioning