Heating systems, Central Heating Alde Compact 3020 / 3030

Central heating Alde Compact 3020 HE

Art. no: 30209090

Boiler for mobile leisure vehicles.

All connections – fluids, gas and electricity – are located on the long side. This makes it easy to install and service the Compact 3020 HE. The installation dimensions will also be minimal as there are three sides which are completely free. 

Inside the metal surround of the Compact 3020 HE is the LPGpowered burner which works with two output steps depending on the output needed. All of the Compact 3020 HE models are equipped with two 230 V electric elements with a maximum output of 3150 W. The hot water heater in the boiler is of storage type and can hold more than 8 litres of fresh water. 

Control of the boiler is via a processor on the boiler’s circuit board. Alde Compact 3020 HE can be connected to most models* of Truma AC and therefore give full climate control. The Compact 3020 HE can generally be installed wherever you want. Either inside the living space, such as e.g. in a wardrobe or stowage space, or installed outside in any storage area or in a space between floors. 

Release of exhaust gas and intake of air can either be via a sidemounted flue or one fitted on the roof. 

We also have bespoke models which are prefitted with e.g. water connections, automatic bleeding and a 12 volt circulation pump.


* Truma Aventa (comfort, eco, compact, compact plus).
Truma Saphir comfort RC, Truma Saphir compact (from serial no. 23091001)


Boiler construction

The boiler’s internal heat exchanger consists of three concentric cylinders; the combustion chamber, the central heating cylinder 
and the hot water cylinder. The combustion chamber is made from aluminium, and is divided into two halves by a baffle plate, with the burner head located in the top half, and the flue gases venting through the bottom half. 

The combustion assembly is fixed to the end of the internal heat exchanger. It consists of the burner, combustion fan, gas valve, air intake and exhaust ducts, and gas line. 

Two electric heating elements are sealed inside the central heating cylinder, one for 1 kW, one for 2 kW. 

The room thermostat is integrated into the touchscreen control panel and connected to the boiler by a Registered Jack (RJ) cable.

Gas fittings are not included with the boiler.


Technical data:
Boiler height: 310 mm
Boiler depth: 340 mm
Boiler width: 510 mm
Weight: 14 kg  (without fluid)

Gas: Propane / Butane
Output 1 : 3,3 kW / 3.8 kW
- Consumption: 245 g/h / 275 g/h
Output 2: 5,5 kW / 6,4 kW
- Consumption: 405 g/h / 460 g/h
Pressure: I3+ 28-30/37 mbar. I3B/P 30 mbar

Volume of liquid, radiator water: 3,5 Liter
Max pressure radiator water: 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar)

Volume of liquid, domestic hot water: 8,4 Liter
Max pressure domestic hot water: 0,3 MPa (3,0 bar)

System temperature (max.): 80 °C.

Output element  (2 or 3 kW): 230-240 V~: 1 × 1050 W + 1 × 2100 W.
Current consumption 12 V DC: 1,9 A (max)



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