Alde - A brisk 75 year old

This year, the company Alde turns 75 years and it is a company within the industry, who is still going strong. Alde is the small Swedish company that, thanks to faithfully following the vision of a heating system with superior comfort, has managed to conquer Europe and get a foothold in North America as well. There are not many caravan or motorhome owners that do not know Alde and our heating system, but far from, everyone knows how everything started.

Our story

The company was founded in Sweden, April 1949 by Alde Rask together with his two brother-in-laws Erik Ohlin and Gunnar Eklund. Alde was a creative inventor who initially developed brakes for tractors and trailers and mechanical steady legs for trailers. But in 1948 Alde also built a caravan that was perhaps the first of its kind in Sweden.

Further along, during the 1960s, Alde continued to develop several parts and accessories for caravans. Caravan chassis and the more well-known and well-used pedal-controlled freshwater pump were popular. On his visits to the manufacturers, he realised that they lacked a good heating system for their caravans. “Alde thought the heat comfort was too poor. He wanted a smoother and more gentle heat so that he could use the caravan all year round” says Anders Ahlbeck, long time employee at Alde.

Mr Rask started work and in 1966 the first Alde heating system saw the light of day.The concept was a hydronic heating system with a proprietary patented circulation pump, a system similar to what was used in Swedish homes. The system has since then been refined which have resulted in many new heater models over the years.

The journey

In 1993, we launched the first generation of the Alde Compact heating system. The development process started with a request from a German motorhome producer who wanted a heater that could be installed in the middle floor. The result was the Alde Compact 3000, which became the industry news of the year 1994 and also paved the way for strong development and international expansion. The Compact boilers have been further fine-tuned and has reached its fourth generation; Alde Compact 3030 and Compact 3030 Plus. The Alde heating system is still produced in Färlöv, at the same address where Alde Rask started the company.


Alde Rask's first (self-built) caravan

Maintaining the legacy

“Alde’s spirit lives in different ways within our company. Among other things in development and production where we strive to constantly improve. It’s about always keep developing the heating systems,” says Stefan Lindström, acting Managing Director. For Alde, it is about never standing still. Continuous development is part of Alde Rask’s heritage and something that characterizes everyone who works here at Alde.

We focus on meeting the needs of today, as well as the future to deliver the best possible heating comfort in a RV. At the same time, enjoying being a brisk 75 year old.

Alde - The warm, welcoming company!

Alde International Systems AB was founded in 1949 and is today a world-leading company in the RV industry. Alde develops, produces, markets and sells hydronic heating systems for caravans and motorhomes, with Europe and North America as the largest markets. Alde has around 130 employees with it’s headquarter and manufacturing situated in Färlöv in the south of Sweden.

Alde is since 1997 a part of the Truma group.

Alde 75 year logo

For questions and more information, please contact:

Stefan Lindström, acting MD, Alde International Systems AB
+46 44 712 70 alt. +46 70 83 555 04